Our night lights are fun LED 3D printed lamps that are must-have in every home. The lamps come in multiple color options and designs and the light color can be changed as well with just a push of a button. The multiple different designs, lightning effects and colors gives the user the option to create the perfect room atmosphere.

NOTE 3D printing is a manufacturing process in which material is laid down, layer by layer, to form a three-dimensional object. Because of the process the final product is going to show layers and we think the is giving more character to the product.

* Action figures on this web page are not included in your purchase they are for display purpose only .

All of the lamps come in two control options:
   • RF remote controller
   • Bluetooth using your mobile
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We have created a range of awesome products readily available that you can choose from :
Personalize your own unique night light in a few simple steps: choose from the models available, choose the preferred color and let us know the design you want.
  • 1. Chose your model
  • 2. Chose your color
  • 3. Chose your design
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Create your own: Coming Soon
1. Chose your model
2. Chose your design
3. Chose your color
4. Shop
Create your own: Coming Soon
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